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Pure Innocence

Over the weekend Nadine’s son and daughter in law came into town for a few day visit with our grandson Greyson.  Our house, infiltrated with empty nest syndrome once again was filled with sounds of life and hunger and tiredness. … Continue reading

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A Little Charmer

My daughter Victoria called in the early afternoon to see if I was available to watch the boys for a couple of hours.  She had an award meeting for one of her classes and needed someone to watch Brayden and … Continue reading

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Vindictive or Compassionate?

A few days ago I started reading Leviticus in the Old Testament.  Most of you would ask, “Why are you reading Leviticus?  Isn’t it the most boring book in the bible?  Don’t you have something better to read or do?” … Continue reading

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Coyote and Geese

My friend Bill told me a story of his experience playing golf up in Oregon one time that had me laughing in the aisles.  He and 3 other friends were having a grand time on this golf course and were … Continue reading

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Howling Uprising

Over the weekend Nadine and I went for a walk.  We have a ritual that either entails walking or biking.  Today we chose to walk.  My responsibility before we started our walk was to make the coffee.  Coffee mugs were … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

When you have a blended family with a mom and dad, 6 children, and 3 grandchildren, birthdays are going to come on a regular basis.  This weekend was no exception with Keaton, Victoria’s son, turning 3.  Debi, my oldest daughter, … Continue reading

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Changing God’s Mind

I grew up with a healthy view of God as I compared God to my dad.  I did respect my father in so many ways.  He was a man of integrity.  He was well respected in the community and had … Continue reading

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