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Humbleness, The Lost Trait

We live in a “Me first” generation.  The television advertisements boast of the “You deserve” mentality.  From cars to spas.  The focus of our society is to make sure that you take care of yourself first.  Don’t get me wrong. … Continue reading

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It seems to me that all of us have different aspects of God’s creation that we are drawn to.  For Nadine, it’s different kinds of flowers and in particular, pansies and Mexican roses.  For others it’s sunsets, or sunrises.  For … Continue reading

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Generational Passages

I got a surprise call from my mother last Sunday.  She doesn’t usually call me especially on Sunday in the late afternoon.  She came from the old school where long distance telephone calls cost $1.00/minute.  When she is on the … Continue reading

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Unbelieving Family

Have you ever experienced a lack of support from your family or friends for something what was really important to you?  It may be a promotional that you received and no one came to support you.  It may have been … Continue reading

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New post Monday

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Problems To Opportunities

What happens for you when you are confronted with a problem of life?  Do you stuff it and hope that it goes away?  Do you run from your problems and let someone else handle the problem?  Do you find ways … Continue reading

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The Little Things of Life

I was out on the patio having my devotional and Nadine came up to me on the muted orange love seat I was sitting on, reached out her hand and urged me to come with her. I was done with … Continue reading

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