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This is a new adventure for me.  I have named my blog Jlog, short for Jim’s log.  Through the encouragement of my oldest daughter Debi, I have begun to journal or log about my journey in my relationship with the Lord and with those who are close to me.

I have been a follower of Christ most of my life and desired to begin reading through the bible when I was 8-9 years old.  Unfortunately I only had the King James Version and the “thee’s” and “thou’s” caused me to bail out after Exodus each time.  It wasn’t until 1970 when a pastor challenged the church I was going to in January to read through the bible with the Living Bible that I was able to fulfill my goal.  One word began to emerge in my mind in defining what the bible is all about. Relationships! It’s all about relationships. It focuses on how we set up and cultivate our relationship with God. It as well focuses on how we cultivate our relationships with one another. Vertical and horizontal relationships at the core.

The theme of this jlog is relationships and the challenges that come with trying to cultivate them. The foundation for my jlogs come from my reading of the bible. I hope that these posts don’t just tickle your intellect, but cause you to look deep into your soul and spirit and do some honest analysis of your life and your relationships.

I do find that reading the bible is an important daily exercise so that we can become aware of what’s involved in healthy relationships. But practicing biblical principles and the dependency on the Holy Spirit to empower me is what causes transformation. I am more in love with the Lord today than I ever have been and it’s that passion to know Him more that has caused me to want to write about my journey so that you who are reading these words can catch the desire to know Him as well.

More than anything, I want for Christ to increase and for myself to decrease. I want to become more and more dependent on the Lord and I hope the jlogs convey this message. Enjoy the journey with me.

1 Response to About the Author

  1. jo swaback says:

    This topic sounds like one I will enjoy, and hopfully thru this topic I will grow
    closer to my lord.
    Let the journey begin.

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