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You’ve Got A Friend

James Taylor in 1977 wrote a folk song that has been sung by millions of tongues all over the world.  I was reminded of the song when my step-son and his wife sent the following picture of our new grand-son, … Continue reading

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I’ll Never Do It Again

How many times have you been been in a pickle, a jam, a rock in a hard place, a  real doozy?  No matter what we do we can’t move away from the problem we are facing.  We try every logical … Continue reading

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Sand and Fruit Snacks

Sand and Fruit Snacks.  Together.  In the Mouth.  Yummy.  At least that is what Keaton, my 1 1/2 year old experienced at the beach on Sunday a week ago.  We were having a great time in the sand when he … Continue reading

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