God, If You Get Me Out Of This. . .

Monday, July 11, 2011

How many of you have been in trouble and have ever echowed these words, “God, if you get me out of this mess I will never ___________________again (fill in the blank) Our decisions to feed our desires, our wants, our lusts get us into pickles that we never saw coming. Sometimes those decisons come from not wanting to get into trouble so we lie and the lie catches up with us. Sometimes bad desisons come from a lack of information and knowledge that had we had more information, we would have never made the decision. More likely than not, these pickles come from impulsive choices and decisions and we need an out. But there are times when trouble comes to us and we have no say in the trials or troubles that hit us on our journey. No matter what the trouble, we would much rather take a detour than face the problem. It’s in those situations that we sometimes ask God to get us out of the trouble and if a He does get us out of the trial, we will do something in return for him.

David in Psalms 66:14 had a similar situation when he said, “I will come to your temple with burnt offerings and fulfill my vows to you—vows my lips promised and my mouth spoke when I was in trouble.” (Psalm 66:13-14 NIV). This passage seems to be saying that the Lord does remember what we say and what we promise to do if He gets us out of our pickle. If someone promises to do something for me and doesn’t follow through, I find it harder the next time to trust what they say. It is important to be a person of our word to one another and especially to the Lord. Have you made a promise to the Lord if He got you out of a scrape? If you have, take the necessary steps to fulfill it to Him and become a person of your word.

On this journey, be careful what you make promises to and make sure that when you do make a promise, you have the energy to fulfill your vows.

About James Gorton

I am happily married to Nadine, a person I've known for 20+ years. She and her late husband owned Airpark Auto Service where I took my car for years. Four years after my wife died we began dating and the rest is history. We have a blended family of 6 children between us and love visiting them across this country. We recently had our third grandchild between us. We love to hike, bike and ski. I am a psychologist and do relational life coaching for marriages and families primarily. I love what I do and never get tired of seeing marriages and families move to more healthy places in their lives. Five years ago my oldest daughter Deborah encouraged me to begin writing my thought into a blog I call my Jlog (Jim's log). I have become more and more passionate in connecting everyday experiences to spiritual truths. I hope that as you read my Jlog, you will gain insight into your personal life and experience true growth in your personal and relational life.
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